About Me

I, like you (hopefully), am just a lover of music. I listen to all kinds, for all sorts of moods and atmosphere and emotions. I will happily listen to classical (romantic, impressionistic, expressionistic, etc), jazz, electronic dance, ambient, house, hip hop, hard rock, mathcore, just to name a few.

Suppose that if I really must put down my tastes to a ground, I like things that are interesting. I like it when the music is complex, with many layers. Something that gives me a good thought, an imaginary journey, an impression. Fun. It's a form of entertainment, afterall.

The main reason I'm doing this is because these days I felt that I don't go through enough new music; constantly blogging about it seems like a good idea to expand my horizons and try out new things.

I'll be doing my best to post about one album every day or two. Gonna be some lot of intense listening sessions! For now though, I'll go through albums I already have from my library and write I think about them.

Please give me suggestions on any albums you want me to listen to! I'll gladly find the album somewhere and take a listen.