Sep 28, 2010

Ammonite - Reconnection

Reconnection by Ammonite


There's a sad story to this album; I have no idea what happened to Ammonite. These people sounded so awesome; the vocal lady was just so pulling. The calm, ethereal, flowing music, why did it have to end with just one album? Or maybe if they still around... I hope... Hope they release a new album soon!

But anyway, I digress. Reconnection is an album of immense magnitude in its execution. It is deep, full of emotion, and it just keeps you listening to that soothing yet somehow stressed voice. It's always yearning for a reply somehow.

And this is how the album starts, with a track called Sunset. Don't you normally start things off with a sunrise? Nicky, the vocal, begins to wrap me around with her voice, gently suggesting me to take the album and listen through it. A somewhat esoteric start to an album, especially with the sound effects in the background.

Then it transitions to Heaven, which initially starts off slowly, but soon picks up the pace. I can't really imagine the song to be literal kind of heaven, but it's closer to kind of an somewhat aggressive command telling me to calm down. Interesting, but hard to visualize. Could use it at a drag race, maybe.

Liquid Sun is more of an aggravated kind of sunrise. Ominous. Is that imaginable? Perhaps we're watching a sunrise during a tropical storm, contemplating things we usually do when we watch the ball of plasma rise out of the water.

Restrained Mind is, if I can put it, a very stretchy kind of song. It must be the sound in the back, it sort of slowly reverbs over the song. Maybe if I took some LSD and had to describe a song, this would be it. A song that tries to explode from my head, kind of.

Now, my favorite of the album. Rapture is the kind of the song that is just so mellow, but has so much emotion to it. So desperate, like drowning, slow and painful. It's a very moving song, and keeps giving me a heartache somehow. A must listen

Calm is a counter to Rapture, as the song is a very chill, gentle one. With the guitar playing and the keyboard, it really does make you feel calm. Almost... regretting? It's a very strange kind of calm.

Before you know it, we move on to Angel (hold on...). It starts relatively quietly, and moves onto a quite unexplainable imagery. I think if it was compared to having a guardian angel to hold on to, it might make sense, but it's a long shot. Enjoyable song though, if tad bit long.

Broken is definitely a song about being broken. Mentally. Maybe a song that, if it could, describes the state of the mind of someone who was in a relationship begins to manifest insanity? Somewhat agitating, but it's part of this album.

It changes completely, and we now have Open Road. A song that I think is about traveling, escaping from whatever was before. Not a pleasant journey either; more of someone who was being haunted from horrible memories, and wishes to discard it all.

Distant Love is hypnotic, and weirdly flows. Lustful, and confusing. It's sort of about how the person is finding out a need for themselves that they haven't noticed until now, yet they don't want to admit they do. As I said, confusing, with some kind of internal conflict.

Touch brings back to gentleness and reassurance tone. Like everything will be alright, again. What has happened won't happen again, and there's a new future, kind of song. That there will be someone to guide you. And at the end of it all, you do get to see a really bright picture, like just coming out of a dark cave to see the most radiant sunlight shining all around you.

The album finally ends Reconnection (outro). A song about remembering what has happened, and being a little nostalgic, even though it is a bittersweet memory. Wraps up the album quite well.

In the end, I think what this album was about is a story of a young woman, who has gone through the pains of a broken relationship. It starts off with interest, then excitement, mellowing to the partner, lust and pleasure, relaxation together, only to have something horrible happen. Perhaps the guy cheated. She clutches what she could and runs, away from it all, to find a new life. She finds a new love, perhaps someone she has met before, maybe in another part of the country. It ends with her reflecting on herself on how she went through it all, and while it was beautiful and hurtful, it is but a distant memory.

At least, that's what I think anyway.

Highly recommended for those who like to listen to a somewhat slower but energetic and emotional drama, with maybe a liking for some heavy electronic.


  1. i love stuff like this,


  2. ya man u put some thought into this... id like it very much if u reviewed any of the bands i have listed on my page thanks :)

  3. @OC-STEVEN: Sure thing! Anything specific you want me to review? You have a fair few listed!